Soap that Calms

My experience in this life of mine is that stress and stressors are more prevalent than ever.

For our physical AND mental health everything and anything we can do to help calm that stress is a must. Sometimes small things can have large benefits.

Essential oils can have a positive effect in our lives and can make life better.

Shower or bath time is a good time to try and unwind and relax. Refreshing body and brain. Lavender Essential Oil is a wonderful way to help get that boost you need from that stressful day, week ,month or year!

There are many personal care products that are scented with Lavender…. some are “fragrance” oils and do not have the same effect as “essential” oils, nor do they smell the same.

There are soaps, bath bombs, lotion, creams, and more.

Soaps and bath bombs are both great ways to get the aromatherapy benefits of lavender as the steam helps throw the scent into the air allowing it to be breathed in.

Take that shower or bath and a just pause for a moment and take in a deep breath and allow lavender’s power to work for you.

Among Lavender’s benefits is its ability to de-stress and calm the nervous system, it is also great for skin issues, acne, sunspots, cold sores, itchy skin, dandruff and is a wonderful sleep aid.

In this chaotic world of work, play and relationships we all need some “me” time. It’s a small thing to incorporate some helpful things along with things that are already a necessity. Include Lavender in the shower, bath or foot soak and make your day better!

When purchasing “Lavender” scented items be sure to check and make sure they are in fact essential oils and not fragrance oils used in the product.

If you would like to try any of our Lavender essential oil items I will include links at the end of this article.

Available are:

Lavender or Lavender Shea Soaps — All of our soaps are %50 Olive Oil.

Lavender Lotion

Lavender Body Butter

Lavender Relax Soother Bar

Lavender Bath Bomb

LavenderMint Bath Bomb

These are all made with essential oils.