Happy Valentines Day

The sense of smell is such a treasure! It can change your mood, lift your spirits, spark memories and make you thoroughly love or hate a a place you enter. The way a place smells is the first thing I notice when entering someone’s home, a hotel or even the grocery! While there are millions […]

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Soap that Calms

My experience in this life of mine is that stress and stressors are more prevalent than ever. For our physical AND mental health everything and anything we can do to help calm that stress is a must. Sometimes small things can have large benefits. Essential oils can have a positive effect in our lives and […]

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All in a Day’s Work

In January I usually crash after the 4 busiest months of the year for me. I am ready to back away and somedays “just sell the business and let someone else handle it all”. Not because I don’t still love it but because I am burned out! I am so far behind at home on […]

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